Shoes of My Past. How Will the Shoes of My Future Feel?

  When I look at this self portrait I drew my senior year of college I think of duality. I also think of the statement "you don't know until you walk a mile in their shoes." There is the Sara that showed and the Sara that didn't. The Sara who wanted to be optimistic and... Continue Reading →


Demystifying Marketing Misinformation about Probiotics

DEMYSTIFYING MARKETING MISINFORMATION 🌤️ After about twenty minutes of not being refrigerated, probiotics die. Sugar and probiotics do not go together because sugar feeds the microbes you are looking to displace. 🌟WISDOM NUGGET: No need for multiple strains. Lactobacillus is needed for the small intestine and Bifodobacterium is needed for the large intestine. Once implanted... Continue Reading →

How to Control Your Genes. For the Love of Yourself and Our Children, Score Some Methyl Donors! Nutrition & the Epigenome Unlike behavior or stress, diet is one of the more easily studied, and therefore better understood, environmental factors in epigenetic change. The nutrients we extract from food enter metabolic pathways where they are manipulated, modified, and molded into molecules the body can use. One such pathway is responsible for making... Continue Reading →

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