This “diary” is the result of not fearing my fear. May the therapy it provides me be of some benefit to you.

I am doing my very best to accurately recount what I am advised to do in order to heal my symptoms.

Please consult a healthcare professional versed in individual biochemistry (each body had unique needs, allergies, lifestyles, medical and food histories, genes etc.), physiology, and nutritional healing. This blog is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. 

This blog does intended to expand our awareness as to what is possible when it comes to healing and preventing disease and to empower us – just like my heroes, Dr. Terry Wahls M.D. and my mentor, have done for me! Both of these women saved their own lives from torturous “incurable” symptoms and spent years researching in order to heal themselves and, in turn, coach others about what their bodies need to heal. I believe if we GIVE THE BODY WHAT IT NEEDS WE CAN HEAL AND PREVENT ANY DISEASE (except I’ve been told healing Type I diabetes; long-term, chronic degeneration and, in possibly my case, lacking stomach acid – even still, I’m not ruling healing them out. ;-)). My intention is NOT to create an identity around my situation – though, I confess I catch myself lured into indulging my ego in some conversations, writings and thoughts. This is therapy for me and, since it’s information that took me over 20 years to acquire, I am following the encouragement that it’s providing nuggets of wisdom for others.




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