What 26″ Mountain Bike Wheels Can Teach This Recovering Endorphin Addict as My Energy Returns After My Last Healing Crisis.

First and foremost, I would like to express gratitude for having enough energy to WANT to leave the house and move my body. I would like this post to serve as reinforcement for avoiding the mistakes I have made in the past in relation to exercise!

This past weekend I was blessed to travel to Moab, Utah, to mountain bike with my partner and sister-in-law. I kept the rides more mellow and provided shuttle service to them for just over half of The Whole Enchilada. Due to rain the upper part wasn’t accessible. They were demoing the 2018 Yeti SB 5-5.

We met up Thursday and went for a little ride. I was feeling pretty wiped out from cooking for 8 hours – I kid you not – to prepare the day before so I attempted to select a trail that was easy.

Being mindful of moderating my exertion has been pretty straight forward. I have energy to leave the house or I don’t. If I do and it’s too much, I feel achy, nauseous, or my body simply shuts down. It doesn’t have the resources to supply me with the endorphin boost that once came from trail running for hours, or road biking half a day after a swimming workout …You get the point. I’m a recovering endorphin addict who used exercise to feel good until the day there wasn’t a drop of feel-good to be squeezed from my depleted body. I was given the best description the other day. It’s like you are plugged into an outlet and then BAM! the plug is pulled and you collapse. No more juice, no more fuel, just a pile of mush. In regards to exercise, I hope to have finally learned to respect the needs of my body and to tell my over-driven ego to take a back seat.

When I wasn’t on an endorphin high I didn’t feel particularly well. This appears to me to be an epidemic in the endurance sport world. I guess you could say it was depression but from what I have learned endurance athletes engage in many behaviors that don’t unexpectedly lead to mood disturbances and illness. They include: excessive exercise which puts stress on the muscles and joints and breaks down the immune system; generally eating a high glycemic diet, and, if you were like me, nothing was ever good enough. There is a lot more I could add but this list alone is sufficient to add up to gut dysfunction (stress among many things lowers HCL), dysbiosis, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and depression. Just think where it could lead in 10-20 years, for an idea check out It Doesn’t Smell Like Roses! I prided myself on being a badass until I was forced to learn to love myself just for being born. Can I get a gold medal for that? Ha, I’m kidding!!!

While my partner and sister-in-law were demoing the Yeti, I got to ride my partner’s Niner. I was amazed that a bike weighing 10 lbs more and had wheels 3 inches wider was so much easier to ride uphill and maneuver on the way down. Even with it’s outdated geometry, it was so much more fun! Actually, I had been fairly miserable up to that point. I got done with the ride and was reminded IF IT’S NOT FUN, I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! Am I finally ready to embrace the belief that life can be easy and fun? If I analyze this with my head, it’s scary and impractical – but then I remind myself to fill up with that which I want to attract. I trust that balancing my probiotics will support my self-actualization and that I am empowered with all I need.

Lately, I feel more comfortable interacting with the world, in person, too. So, instead of spinning out and laboring with 26″ mountain bike wheels, I’m ready to enjoy confidence, ease, and flow in my life!

Let’s see how much a proclamation to the blogisphere helps. 😉

My very best wishes,



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