What! My Sh*t Won’t Stink? A Connection Between Our Bowels and Self-Actualization.

So along with feeling better than I did when I was a teenager, I get to look forward to not having stinky shit, literally? Figuratively, I’m sure that depends on what colored glasses we’re wearing, or maybe in this case, the state of our sniffers. Ha!

I woke up this morning at 4:30 a.m. and not being inclined to fall back asleep I finished reading Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer’s Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand by Julie Rehmeyer. I caught myself  re-digesting indignation that flared up like acid reflux – remember 90% of people actually have too little stomach acid see Temple of the Tummy – while remembering what I’d been told throughout my life regarding my symptoms like “There’s nothing more we can do.” “You can do what most people can do.” “Some athletes just stop being good.” “Maybe you should see a psychologist.” “Just take an antidepressant.” and on and on. Although reading about the lack of understanding and the downright deceptive science that marginalized these symptoms pissed me off, I was able to calm myself down and appreciate that I was not alone on this journey. Others are earnestly seeking answers and are determined to use what they learn to help alleviate the suffering of others. It didn’t change my belief that we need a complete overhaul in our healthcare system – one that looks at our bodies, minds and our environment holistically and stops reducing everything to a single reaction or cause so we can patent an expensive drug that has many effects – side effects are effects whether intended or not – that don’t support the body’s natural ability to heal itself… — but, alas, that is a tirade for another day – maybe. Wink and smile. My wish is to see my indignation and tirades melt away and transmute into peace, love, health and wisdom.

My mood became more cheerful by shifting focus. My thoughts hearkened back to the last discussion I had regarding my healing protocol. We spoke about the potential for this journey to lead to self-actualization, the state at which I would stop caring about what other people think and do what I know in my heart to be right. What an awesome byproduct of balanced biochemisty! Yes, there was also a mention of poop, which isn’t unusual as our bowel movements, or lack thereof, can function like a divination tool in a glass bowl, well, maybe that’s pushing it.

Regardless, I allowed my mind to recall a silly conversation which allowed me to enjoy some laughter. I was told when our probiotics are balanced our poop won’t stink. That goes to show how many of us have balanced microbiomes! I shared this information with my friends and promised that it would not be my next party trick. We were all intrigued and stared blankly for a moment weighing in our minds whether or not that really was a party trick we wouldn’t want to be privy to. We certainly wouldn’t mind it in our own homes.

Here I draw the connection between our bowels and self-actualization: If your shit stinks, you are not self-actualized. If you are self-actualized, you will not give a shit if your shit stinks! When our cells have all the nutrients they require and our microbiome is balanced, as indicted by the absence of foul odor in our feces, we are more impervious to stress.

May you have some health and humor in your day. I welcome playful banter and witty insights and please share with us if you find this to be true – hope for stinkers everywhere!





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