“Stage 3”: Get Nutrients to Starving Cells! Per Requests, My Daily Nutritional Protocol.

Please consult a healthcare professional versed in individual biochemistry (each body had unique needs, allergies, lifestyles, medical and food histories, genes etc.), physiology, and nutritional healing. This blog is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. 

This blog does intended to expand our awareness as to what is possible when it comes to healing and preventing disease and to empower us – just like my heroes, Dr. Terry Wahls M.D. and my mentor, have done for me! Both of these women saved their own lives from torturous “incurable” symptoms and spent years researching in order to heal themselves and, in turn, coach others about what their bodies need to heal. I believe if we GIVE THE BODY WHAT IT NEEDS WE CAN HEAL AND PREVENT ANY DISEASE (except I’ve been told Type I diabetes; long-term, chronic degeneration and, in possibly my case, lacking stomach acid – even still, I’m not ruling healing them out. ;-)). My intention is NOT to create an identity around my situation – though, I confess I catch myself lured into indulging my ego in some conversations, writings and thoughts. This is therapy for me and, since it’s information that took me over 20 years to access, I am following the encouragement that it’s providing nuggets of wisdom for others.

After an unexpectedly intense Herxheimer Reaction, see posts “Stage 2”: The Potentially Recurring Healing Crisis: Herxheimer Reaction, Detoxification, Die Off…Worse Before It Gets Better. Ugh! and What Our Nails Can Say About Our Microbiota and Microbiome, a Cheap Test for Dysbiosis & a Warning to Athletes! at about 14 months into this program (organic, raw cashews that I didn’t realize I wasn’t suppose to be eating, being immersed in chlorine, and excessive activity may have contributed), nuts, seeds, coconut cream, cacao nibs and beans have been once again removed from my diet so as not to slow the removal of metabolites. Yeasts, like mold, are a fungus that are turned into yeast through stress and a high glycemic diet.

 My Meal Selection Guidelines:

I am to pick a clean, humanely treated protein source and one organic green per day and rotate each day for at least four days. Even the healthiest of foods can create allergies if consumed regularly. Here I think of Nancy Appleton PhD’s statement “for many people, eating any foods that are normally good for you with an abusive food like sugar may eventually cause you to be allergic to that food.”) Examples of meals planning for the day:

  • Organic, whole chicken with bones and skin (this ensures no antibiotics are used to keep it from getting slimy and it is more cost effective) and spinach. Eggs would be included on this day. I have slowly been able to add in very clean sources of eggs. They used to make me sick.
  • Free range grass fed beef and collard greens.
  • Wild Alaskan salmon (let’s do what we can to stop drilling off of the Alaskan coast so they remain relatively clean!!!)  and chard.
  • Pork and brussels sprouts.
  • Moose and green beans.
  • Elk and kale.
  • I mix in sprouts made in a glass jar here at home, peppers of all kinds, and tomatoes. I used to be concerned about nightshades since according to Ayurvedic principles they may aggravate my prakruti (current constitution), especially in the summer, and they are also ill advised in AIP protocols because of saponins contributing to leaky gut. However, they are permitted for me EXCEPT BLACK PEPPER (gut irritant) so I enjoy the nutrients and varied flavors they provide. IF YOU THINK ANY FOOD IS CAUSING A PROBLEM, I SUGGEST AVOIDING IT UNTIL YOUR HEALTH STABILIZES.
  • I use organic olive oil, balsamic, lemons and limes, basil for dressings; organic spices for seasoning; and coconut oil and ghee for sauteing.
  • Copious amounts of sea salt and GARLIC.
  • Onions.
  • I use COCONUT OIL as a snack and in my coffee. It is beneficial as an antimicrobial, except in killing the beneficial microbes, thus further assisting my efforts to get good probies (my pet name for probiotics) like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium implanted. Oh, the magical discernment of mother nature!
  • SURPRISE: I am allowed one cup of organic coffee! I view this as my biggest opportunity – that is after making it past the week prior to my last period without a cheat, hooray! –  as I tend to have coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. OPPORTUNITY TO SURRENDER: I’m so fortunate to have the ability to take a nap instead of trying to shirk the feelings of fatigue and brain fog with coffee!!! It usually doesn’t work in the afternoon anyway. I was informed the one allotted cup stretched to 12-16 oz won’t hurt me – as long as it’s organic. I know the arguments about caffeine and adrenals, and coffee stimulating the liver to release glucose but, shit, I have a green light on this one so I’m rolling with it for now. Ha!
  • Other options like zucchini, cucumber and cabbage (can cause gas, GI distress for some), celery root, olives, and other low glycemic veggies can be added in. Avoid having them be the focus as they are less nutrient dense.
  • Pure spring water provided by a company that conducts and publishes regular tests on their water.
  • NO seafood other than Wild Alaskan Salmon. Canned tuna and sardines from Wild Planet have recently been added.
  • AVOID cured meats.
  • INTERESTINGLY no emphasis on cultured foods had been made. I was told it’s best to get pure probiotic capsules to ensure nothing unwanted gets fermented.
  • AVOID MUSHROOMS AND KOMBUCHA – mushrooms are a fungus and that’s what I’m trying to clear. I was also informed their notoriety for activating the immune system comes from the immune system registering them as a pathogen.

NOTE: fungus can mutate into yeasts and mold in response to stress and a high glycemic diet. I read about candida albicans going the opposite direction and changing to mold in the heat. Is that why the past two summers have kicked my ass??????? Any microbiologists want to weigh in on these tricky, little devils?

  • AVOID additives, fillers, preservatives. I’m instructed to make all of my food so this isn’t an issue. Beware even organic fillers and preservatives like acacia gum, guar gum and citric acid as they can irritate the gut.
  • PREP ALL OF MY FOOD, even avoid prepared organic veggies. I really had to surrender resistance to this one!


  1. Be prepared. Always have food on hand. I find homemade jerky (nuts and seeds when allowed) easy to take everywhere and often keep a frozen lunch bag with cut up veggies, greens and/or hard boiled eggs in my car.
  2. Make extra or have extra made. One whole chicken provides me with meat for two days. I boil the bones to make broth. When I’m super tired I buy one already roasted or ask my honey to pick one up.
  3. Ask for help. I know some of you cannot get out of bed, that lifting your eyelids is too much effort, and the thought of putting food in your throbbing, distended stomach exacerbates the nausea. On top of that, insurance doesn’t cover this most vital form of medicine and we have to pay a premium for REAL food…

DO WHATEVER YOU CAN TO GET HELP and AVOID ADDING MORE EMOTIONAL CHARGE TO YOUR SITUATION. Yes, easier said than done, but, what is the alternative? Add more misery and suppression of the immune system, OR allow yourself to be where you are and TRUST you will receive what you need. I am blessed to have a mentor and friend to assist me in the spiritual aspects of this journey. I choose to believe that I / The Divine/ The Universe/ Love/ God have not given myself more than I can handle; that it’s best to get out of my own way; to love myself as I am without labels, and to stop trying so effing hard to cram my amorphous, mutable peg into a round hole! I promise the practice of not judging and emotionally charging your situation gets easier. It may take days, months, or years but the intolerable moments become less and less, peace creeps in, and the belief good things in a greater context are happening begins to take hold. As our biochemistry shifts, the “happy molecules” as I call them return bit by bit. I was told “IT’S NOT EMOTIONAL. IT’S ALL BIOCHEMICAL.” This has enabled me to release a lot of judgement surrounding my aptitude for gratitude, meditation, self-talk and other “spiritual” practices! LOL! :-()

My Daily Nutritional Protocol:

Keep in mind these are monitored and subject to change depending on the symptoms and food recorded in my daily log.

Supplement list (I have no affiliation with any of these companies):

  1. Nature’s Way Primadophilus Bifidus. Lactobacillus for the small intestine and bifidobacterium for the large intestine.
  2. Bronson’s Laboratories Vitamin C 51 a/b, ascorbic acid buffered by sodium ascorbate. pH of 4 is easier for the gut to absorb.
  3. Now Calcium (Cal) Citrate powder. Citrate is easier for an inflamed gut to absorb.
  4. Now Magnesium (Mag) Citrate powder.
  5. Nature’s Life 648 mg Gastric Acid and Pepsin (HCL)
  6. Twin Labs Pancreatin Quadruple Strength (500 mg; Amylase 50,000 USP, Protease 50,000 USP, Lipase 4,000 USP)
  7. Swanson’s Pantothenic Acid
  8. Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil (CLO). Second choice as first is out of production.
  9. Now Selenium 200 mcg
  10. Now Vitamin D-3 2,000 IU
  11. Nature’s Way Vitamin E 400 IU
  12. Swanson’s Methylcobalamin 5 mg/5,000 mcg (B-12)
  13. Swanson’s B-100 Complex
  14. ALTERNATE for blocks of time Trace Minerals Research Trace Mineral Drops and Zinc only drops. I only recently changed to the Trace Minerals in an effort to hydrate my body. My partner hates the taste of the trace minerals in the water while my body craves it.
  15. Sonne’s #7 Detoxificant
  16. Sonne’s #9 Intestinal Cleanser
  17. Nutribiotic GSE Grapefruit Seed Extract 250 mg

NOTE: for better absorption and assimilation, select capsules.

Administration of Supplements:

Please keep in mind these are continually being monitored and tweaked according to the symptoms I record in a daily journal.

  • Upon waking: water and one probie.
  • Breakfast:
    • 8 HCL capsules spaced throughout the meal (this is the max recommended if there is no discomfort)
    • 200 mg cal  citrate in water
    • 200 mg mag citrate in water
    • Vit C. 4000 mg in water with meal
    • D-3 2,000 IU
    • Selenium 200 mcg
    • B-100
    • 1 tsp CLO
    • Pantothenic Acid (B-5) 500 mg
    • After meal – 1 pancreatin
    • ALTERNATE DAYS Methylcobalamin (B-12) 5 mg. No food or drink 15 min after.
  • Sonne’s 7 1 Tbsp & 9 1 tsp mixed in 8 oz. of water followed by 8 oz of water NOT within 90 min of eating either before or after.
  • Lunch:
    • 8 HCL capsules spaced throughout the meal
    • 1 GSE
    • Vit C 4000 mg in water with meal
    • After meal – 1 pancreatin
  • Sonne’s 7 1 Tbsp & 9 1 tsp mixed in 8 oz. of water followed by 8 oz of water NOT within 90 min of eating either before or after.
  • Dinner:
    • 8 HCL capsules spaced throughout the meal
    • 1 GSE
    • Vit C 4000 mg in water with meal
    • After meal – 1 pancreatin
  • Split the trace mineral dose in half so 1/2 tsp split in two glasses of water during the day.
  • Before bed:
    • Vit C 4000 mg + 600 mg Cal citrate + 600 mg Mag citrate mixed in water.
    • 1 tsp CLO
    • 2 probies
    • D-3 2,000 IU
    • Pantothenic Acid 500 mg
    • Zinc when taking zinc and not trace minerals.
  • If I can’t sleep (sometimes there isn’t much I can do if I’m herxing and if it’s a really bad stretch of nights, I sleep in another room so I don’t disturb my honey too much.):
    • 1 probie (digestion/microbes)
    • 1 pancreatin (digestion)
    • 1 pantothenic acid (stress)
    • repeat 1-2 times.
  • If I feel I’m getting sick (oddly, I rarely get sick – go thyroid!):
    • Vitamin A 25,000 IU 1 x for a few days
    • extra Vitamin C

I have been told and read that 95% of people will not follow a protocol like this. Sadly, cancer patients aren’t even told about protocols like these that empower the body to heal; Registered Dieticians stating “they wouldn’t comply.” I know how hard it can be to follow a program like this but we deserve to have the right to choose. Many may choose suffering the symptoms or dying as it is not physically, emotionally, or financially easy to live a lifestyle so different from what is portrayed or even supported around us. I have echoed the cry of others in regards to removing sugar, alcohol and high glycemic foods “you want to take away the only thing that brings me pleasure?” However, I want us to be informed and I ask us all to keep in mind what it costs us personally, what it costs our families, our society, and our children if we do not. To the compliance statistic, I have two responses. One, I have more faith in us – others have done it, so can we. Two, let’s prevent getting to this stage by educating ourselves and, in turn, our children. Let’s give them the best chance possible to live harmoniously with our planet, with food, and with themselves!

I invite you to share what has been of benefit to you on your healing journey and that of your family.

Love, Light & Blessings,




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