What Our Nails Can Say About Our Microbiota and Microbiome, a Cheap Test for Dysbiosis & a Warning to Athletes!

Supplemental Information:


  • Antibiotics
  • Low or absent stomach acid. The hydrochloric acid (HLC) in your stomach kills pathogens that are ingested. It is essential for breaking down food and triggering the rest of the digestive process. Beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus in the small intestine prefer an acidic environment; without this fungus and bacteria like yeast are invited to travel up from the colon. Multiple factors like microbes, viruses and inflammation increase permeability of the gastrointestinal tract and the problem spreads.  Remember, genes and viruses are a moot point if your cells are getting the proper nutrients because genes can be “shut off” relatively quickly and viruses can be deactivated.
  • Stress – situational, emotional, environmental pollutants, physical overexertion, illness, electromagnetic, nutrient void or anti-nutrient foods, inability to get nutrients into the cells (my biggie!) etc. I was swimming 4 hours a day – entirely my choice – in a big vat of antibiotic fluid called chlorine. My beneficial bacteria was being killed inside and out. Stress also lowers HCL as its production is stimulated via the parasympathetic nervous system. Remember PNS rest and digest? My inability to break down and absorb nutrients was compounding my stress. Yes, I was also an overachiever with a nothing-is-good-enough complex.
  • Suppressed Immune System (part and parcel with this list.)
  • High glycemic diet. As a young athlete, the mantra was “carbo-load-” DO NOT DO THIS! Add on top of it the highly addictive nature of sugar and carbohydrates; corn, soy and wheat subsidies; the criminal buy off of the Harvard researchers to say saturated fat caused heart disease instead of sugar; and the media clout of the few but powerful food-like producers dictating what to eat and there I was a prediabetic, nationally ranked, ten-year-old swimmer whose lacking in essential fatty acids that promote anti-inflammatory prostaglandins helped kick-off four years of tendinitis in both shoulders  (a sign of a systemic problem) commencing at the age of 11. I would come home from practice and eat pancakes and four bowls of cereal for breakfast. I would even eat pasta with parmesan cheese for breakfast before meets. How about mini snickers for a little boost before a big race washed down with a toxic sugar and food colored “sports beverage.” This was no match for the veggies my mom served at dinner.
  • See resources below for more.

WARNING TO ATHLETES:  GLUCOSE is essential for every cell in your body to function. It is NOT ESSENTIAL in your diet because you body will make it. I would frequently get light headed when I stood up and amazingly only passed out once after rolling my ankle. A past triathlon client, who at one point I told as kindly as I could that our training was ineffective due to her fatigue level, passed out and hit her head while walking to her car in the parking lot. A gamut of tests at the hospital yielded nothing. When she spoke with a Naturopathic Doctor she was told it was Candida (there are many types of yeast) consuming the sugar in her brain.  The training for many dietitians (this has nothing to do with their intelligence or sincerity) is influenced by the sugar and dairy (dairy being cow) industry. LOW FAT CHOCOLATE MILK IS NOT A HEALTH PROMOTING BEVERAGE yet it is still being taught to sports dietitians and nursing students as a recovery and electrolyte beverage!!!!!!!!!! Sugar is an an anti-nutrient and dairy conventional or organic creates issues for many people. It is also non-essential. (We will keep an Ayurvedic argument out of it for now and advocate the stance that, if you have any health issues, it’s best to avoid dairy, grains, legumes, and sugar – even natural.) In my opinion, if it’s not part of a program to REVERSE disease then it is NOT an essential part of a program to PREVENT DISEASE and enhance performance.  I would like to see all nutrition focus on disease prevention. When your brain gets hijacked it is really hard to stop craving and eating high glycemic foods. It is an addiction that is BEST STOPPED BEFORE IT BEGINS!

A Cheap Test for Dysbiosis – take grapefruit seed extract. Please do so under professional supervision. If you are as dysbiotic as I am/was, then you will need special prep prior. I use Nutribiotic GSE 250 mg and currently take one with lunch and one with dinner – MORE IS NOT BETTER, in fact, you will start killing beneficial bacteria if you take too much. If your microbiota and microbiome is balanced, you will not feel any ill effects. If it is not, the die-off effects can range from mild flu-like symptoms to a more intense Herxheimer Reaction:

  • insomnia
  • gas, bloating
  • stomach ache, stomach pain
  • diarrhea
  • muscle cramps, muscle weakness, muscle aches
  • headaches, brain fog
  • depression, anxiety, anger, mood swings
  • feeling hungover
  • heart palpitations
  • nausea
  • skin rashes, flushing
  • exhaustion
  • etc.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE & RESOURCES:  Sara Gottfriend MD Dysbioisis Decoded, Cynthia Perkins M.Ed. Holistic Help, Dr. Amy Meyers Candida. 

See previous post for some suggestions to mitigate the effects. I use Sonne’s 7 &9 between meals, not within 90 minutes or it will strip nutrients, to help remove the waste and toxins.

I am choosing to consider a lifestyle, food choices, and supplements discovered by individuals who have healed themselves of symptoms that have “no known cure” while being on their deathbed like Dr. Terry Wahls and my mentor. I trust I will join that list one day soon! Make no mistake, it may be the hardest f’ing thing you have ever done. Not only is there the physical discomfort and hijacked biochemistry to consider but also the will power, discipline, financial commitment, planning, asking for help, navigating social situations, facing judgement, time, patience, and freeing oneself from the all powerful ego-attachments! Plus, there may be times you feel worse before you feel better and the cycle may repeat. Healing is not linear. BUT I believe what can be gained from the process is far greater than any of us realize. We are all different and therefore certain vitamins, minerals, foods and their quantities may vary but certain principals remain the same. When my nails are grown out healthy I know the probiotics are implanted. As I attend to each moment with the intention to release ego-attachments, judgement and unproductive thoughts, I find I pick up more perspective, insight, creativity, peace and compassion.

Per requests, I will post about “Stage 3” next and share more specifically everything  I’m doing and taking.

Love, Light & Blessings!



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