“Stage 2”: The Potentially Recurring Healing Crisis: Herxheimer Reaction, Detoxification, Die Off…Worse Before It Gets Better. Ugh!

It’s serendipitous that I am writing this post as I am currently experiencing the herx close to a year after my first introduction to a planned Herxheimer Reaction. I mention the year not because time is relevant or even exists, but, because, for those of you healing, herxing, which can be considered part of detoxifying, die-off and a healing crisis, can drive you into a very dark hole that may swallow you up if you don’t know it may be a normal recurring part of the healing process, even after a year. It requires patience, can be mitigated and it will pass.

Here’s why, after prepping of the body see “Stage 1”, I believe this is a necessary step in healing all sorts of symptoms whether they are labeled as autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, allergies or have no classification at all.

  • Ambient Environmental Chemicals
  • Depleted Soils and Un-nutritious Food Choices
  • Biochemical Individuality
    • nutrient needs – vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, lipids and enzymes based on genetic factors, nutrient intake and utilization of those nutrients, environmental pollutant loads and how efficiently the body deals with them, efficiency of repair mechanisms, age and stress levels.
    • stress and nutritional intake of your mother when she was pregnant.
    • sleep, lifestyle…

May I present what I am loosely describing as Stage 2. I am attempting humor and non- judgement as I regard these “situations.” Refer to my last post for insight as to this choice of approach and wording.

Stage 2: Insert Cliche Here __________________ like It’s Darkest Before the Dawn. Stage 2, Stage 2 you make me want to spew…Okay, not a cliche but applicable.

My diet essentially remained the same, or was suppose to. This may have been the time we took nuts out of my program because I was eating too many as a substitute for my carb addiction. Plus, they slow the removal of metabolites which, in this case, are the substances produced from the breakdown and removal of the unwanted pathogens, bacteria, fungus (mold and yeasts), microbes etc. that have accumulated in my body.

What I added:

  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) by Nutibiotic 250 mg –  The reason is unknown (if you know it please share) but GSE kills harmful bacteria without killing beneficial bacteria if you don’t take too much. Thus, it is preferable to antibiotics.  I take it with lunch and dinner.
  • Sonne’s 7 & 9 – These are to assist in the removal of that which is killed by the GSE as well as to assist in the cleansing and removal of other toxins. AVOID TAKING IT WITHIN 90 MINUTES OF EATING, EITHER BEFORE OR AFTER AS IT WILL STRIP THE NUTRIENTS. 2 x day between meals.

What stayed the same:

  • Bronson’s Ascorbic Acid Powder Buffered with Sodium Ascorbate. To clarify a previous error, the pH of 4 is best for absorption by the gut. Any vitamin C will work for the liver.  I comfortably built up to 1 tsp with every meal and one before bed.
  • Cod Lover Oil – 1 tsp at breakfast and one before bed. I was told this is crucial for supporting my mood. I also know that essential fatty acids support the production of anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Interestingly, organ meats have not been made part of my diet. I can eat them if I want.
  • HCL with every meal. I use Nature’s Life Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin 648 mg. The max recommended 8 capsules does not cause me discomfort. I take fewer if it’s a snack.  There is no negative feedback loop for HCL so this will not stop the body from producing its own.
  • Pancreatin (lipase, amylase, protease) aka digestive enzymes for fat, protein and carbohydrates. When you do not have sufficient HCL in the bolus that leaves your stomach the acid trigger that tells your organs like your pancreas to release enzymes does not work properly.
  • Nature’s Way Primadophilus Bifidus –  1 first thing in the morning. 2 before bed.  Lactobacilus is for the small intestine and bifodobacterium for the large intestine. Although at this stage, they are still placeholders as my entire system was yeast and there was nowhere for them to implant.
  • MORE DARK GREENS and clean protein with every meal.


Essentially, it felt like I had the flu for 3 months except without the hacking but add in almost unbearable depressive episodes. I was a cerebral responder. I was told she witnessed the three following responses to clearing dysbiosis at this level:

  1. Cerebral Responder – I had spurts of feeling suicidal, another layer of understanding into depression and the rampant use of antidepressants and other forms of self medicating and our high suicide rate.
  2. Tremendous Pain – to the point they cannot be touched. The hope is they get help before they become addicted to opioids. Again, another layer of understanding into addiction, the opiod epidemic and homelessness here in Utah. Our poor air quality undoubtedly adds a burden to our biochemistry.
  3. Cerebral and Cannot Eat. Fortunately, I was now able to eat.

I felt like I was going crazy. I likened it to attempting to meditate while on a really bad acid trip, or what I would imagine a really bad acid trip would be like and how likely it was that I could control it – I’m not yet enlightened to where I can take 10 hits of acid and keep on teaching like a Sadhu in India of whom I was shown a picture. When I was encouraged to call between sessions and groaned “I want to shoot myself in the head” or “I feel so bad I want to die” I was told:

  • mix up a tsp of vitamin C in spring water and drink it with a pantothenic acid (I currently use Swanson’s B-5) and magnesium (I had the Calm at the time.) It took the edge off in about 15 min. Sometimes I would repeat this throughout the day. Note: diarrhea can be an indication of too much magnesium and too much vitamin C can upset your stomach. If you are herxing, I highly recommend asking someone well versed in assessing individual biochemistry and using vitamins, minerals and food for healing if this is advisable for you and in what quantities!

I HOPE THIS HELPS YOU HURDLE THE HERX! You are not alone and there are people who will listen.






3 thoughts on ““Stage 2”: The Potentially Recurring Healing Crisis: Herxheimer Reaction, Detoxification, Die Off…Worse Before It Gets Better. Ugh!

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  1. My dreams so alive
    My life a nightmare
    Waiting for the next do
    To drop me
    The essence forever though
    Is about love
    Not who loves me
    And the overwhelming
    Power to be
    Wanting what I have
    And not having what I want

    I must weather
    This still standing storm
    That hovers over me
    With no regard to time
    And I will yet again
    Set myself up
    For this comfortable discomfort
    Unconcerned with it’s passing or lingering

    …..Inspired by SW and ET

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