“Stage 1”: Roll Up Your Sleeves! It’s Time to Start Polishing. Getting My Body – and Mind – Prepared to Heal “Mystery” Symptoms.

“You can fix this. It will take a year and a half to two but you will feel better than you did when you were a teenager…”

“I want you to order the book Why Stomach Acid is Good for You by Jonathan Wright MD and read it.”

I was told my symptoms, see It Doesn’t Smell Like Roses, made sense in relation to my family’s medical history, my medical history and the history of how I have eaten over my lifetime. These will provide unique considerations for each person.  Before you write this off and excuse even attempting to heal with “everyone is different,” there are basic ways the body works that apply to everyone – that is everyone who has not achieved Rasputen or Edgar Cayce level enlightenment. 😉 PLEASE be aware that we can deactivate viruses and shut off gene expression. You are fully empowered. I’m not saying it will be easy. I am saying it is possible.

The first step was prepping my body for the killing stage. This involved a really strict diet and vitamin C to get the second stage detoxification of my liver working properly. Not just any vitamin C, but ascorbic acid buffered with sodium ascorbate so it is a pH of 4. PH of 4 is optimal for absorption in the gut. Any vitamin C works for stage 1&2 detoxification of the liver.



  • any low glycemic green veggies – kale, chard, broccoli, chard, bok choy, brussel sprouts, green beans…
  • NO peas, carrots, beets because of sugar content.
  • tomatoes, avocados and peppers
  • clean protein (humanely treated without hormones, antibiotics,; no, soy, corn or GMO feed) grass fed beef, wild caught salmon, chicken, pork. No cured meats.
  • Eggs but I was allergic so I avoided them. I can currently eat high quality eggs sporadically.
  • balsamic vinegar, lemon, lime, olive oil, coconut oil
  • organic spices
  • sea salt
  • zucchini, cucumber, cabbage okay if do not produce gastric upset but favor the more nutrient dense veggies.
  • Make sure everything is organic. Yes, it is more expensive but no price can be placed on your health and your future. Plus, the more we demand clean, healthy food the cheaper it will become. Just think how many tens of thousands you can save in preventing disease. INVEST IN YOURSELF! In my neck of the woods at the time of this post, Natural Grocers offers the highest quality at the best prices.
  • 1 cup organic black coffee. Organic green or black tea.
  • some organic, raw nuts and seeds. I had to stop because I was eating too many as a means of satiating my carb addiction.
  • eat as much as you want of everything except the nuts. Personally, if you know you are carb and sugar addicted, I would avoid them for the first 3 weeks.
  • no eating out because you do not know what they put in the food, nor do you know the quality.

Avoid anything with a sweet taste. This includes grains, gum and stevia. In the early stages, having something sweet triggers the cravings and you go through withdrawals again. They are on average about 7 days. For me, cravings really hit the week before menstruation.

Keep your environment as clean as possible. I did my best to apply this to my thoughts too!


  • Pick a protein and green for the day, rotate every day for three days.
  • 3 meals with a focus on a good breakfast. I admit, salads and greens for breakfast took some getting used to!
  • Healthy snack if needed.
  • Even the healthiest foods can produce allergies if eaten continuously.
  • Plenty of purified water with a good mineral profile.
  • NOTE: I have no affiliation with any company.
  • Nature’s Life Betaine Hydrochloride plus Pepsin 648 mg capsules with every meal. Start with one and build up to 8 if there is no discomfort. (Read Why Stomach Acid is Good for You.)
  • Bronson’s Ascorbic Acid buffered with Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C). I built up to 1 tsp in water with each meal and before bed. If I felt particularly run down, I took one first thing in the morning too.
  • Pancreatin (amylase, protease and lipase) after every meal. I find Twim Labs Quadruple Strength to be the best.
  • Nature’s Way Primadophilus Bifidus (probiotics lactobacilus and bifidobacterium) – one in the morning and two before bed. At this time, there was no way for them to implant so they are functioning more as “place holders.”
  • Cod Liver Oil – 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp at night before bed. Carlson’s was her second pick because the first was not being produced. This is important for my mood etc.



  • Eat protein when sugar cravings hit. I made homemade beef jerky.
  • Mourning the loss of your previous food choices and social activities related to food is normal. Remember, people want to spend time with you, not the food.
  • YOU WILL NOT FEEL DEPRIVED FOREVER! Eventually, your taste buds will change and foods that once were not sweet will be.
  • When your cells are properly nourished it is less likely you will get stressed. If you do, you will crave meat and veggies instead of carbs and sugar. I remind myself of these last two points during the challenging times.
  • Plan and prepare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having healthy food options available at all times is a must. It requires planning. I know this sounds daunting when you feel like shit. Ask for help.
  • Do your absolute best to follow the program. However, if you do stray, avoid judgement and think about how you can prevent it from happening in the future.




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