The First Step to Healing is Recognizing Who You Really Are. Be Willing to Drop Your Egoic Constructs. Be Willing to Accept Death.

I would like to play with this thing we call life and writing about my healing journey, at times, seems so far from the now or what will bring me joy.

That said, a few days ago I had a day that was so challenging it took everything I had not to do something drastic or cuss at everything and everyone around me. In giving up all resistance, I was able to find some space of non-thought, non-judgment and acceptance. I knew that for as much anguish that was ebbing and flowing through me, it was not fixed, it was not the true me. Past experience taught me that the next moment, the next hour, the next day could offer an entirely different experience. I would like for us all to live in the space beyond the material world that allows us to enjoy the world of form as a playground, a playground to which we have no attachment. That is, if we do not rapture after gaining that level of understanding! Hahahaha!

Although my reality has changed significantly, and I believe we are all part of the Divine, of Spirit, of The One; after this post I will continue to answer questions related to my nutritional program as it can assist tremendously in bringing us closer to who we really are. Lately, I have been listening to Eckhart Tolle’s advice on how to consciously deal with chronic illness, physical pain and suffering. I believe it is important to create an environment that radiates peace, love and joy – no matter how you choose to approach the physical.

Here are a couple of nuggets I picked up along the way. They are simple. Simple is not easy, however, as they will likely piss off your ego: 😉

  • Comparing your situation to someone else’s does no good. This may be used as a form of judgement that says you are wrong or bad for feeling the way you do. Since when has that helped anyone? Accept how you feel. Quiet the egoic mind that judges how it should be and takes you anywhere other than where you are. Do your best to prevent your ego from taking offense when someone is telling you about someone else who has it worse. They know not what they do. It is also a form of resistance. How often does your ego tape play: they don’t have to deal with kids…at least they have money…well, they don’t have to deal with…they have no idea…welcome to my world…I have it worse etc. STOP!!!!! Comparing, imagining what it must be like for someone else, and having your ego take a steroid boost by thinking others cannot have an idea how badly you have it – does no good. It is a trick of the ego that will perpetuate your suffering. Good luck! I am provided opportunities to flex this muscle daily!
  • Gratitude can be magical. Avoid using it to make yourself feel bad.  The power of gratitude can backfire when you should on yourself. I should feel grateful for … Well, at least you have…Practice gratitude for gratitude’s sake – not to shun your current state of mind and add to your I’m a piece of shit pity party. I say that with the utmost love!
  • Allow your ego to die! Allow all you ever thought you were or did or have to die. Surrender to the possibility of your physical body dying.   “But!” “But!” the egoic mind cries! What about this, what about that, I am this, I do that, that is who I am! Is it really? Trust me. You can give up resistance and learn the easy way or fight like hell. Fighting like hell seemed to be my route (sorry to those around me for the stray bullets) and the suffering created by my ego that beat me into submission, one step shy of suicide, until I finally let the ego constructs of myself die and accepted where I was.  Does my ego still pop up? You bet. Hey, there it is. Oh yep, there it is again. My intention is to notice and not judge. When I become aware of my ego’s presence it reminds me to go within and be who I truly am. The more I practice the clearer the path back to myself becomes. Expanding our consciousness is the greatest benefit anyone can give to the collective.
  • It begins with the consciousness in which you view and do things.  My, my, what sexy consciousness you have. LOL! Yeah, I get reminded to have fun with it.

Light, Love and Blessings,


echkart tolle’s perspective on How to consciously deal with illness that has physical pain

Remaining Present w Illness – Eckhart Tolle

I’m Having Difficulty Coping With Cancer



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