Demystifying Marketing Misinformation about Probiotics


After about twenty minutes of not being refrigerated, probiotics die. Sugar and probiotics do not go together because sugar feeds the microbes you are looking to displace.

🌟WISDOM NUGGET: No need for multiple strains. Lactobacillus is needed for the small intestine and Bifodobacterium is needed for the large intestine. Once implanted and healed, your body will produce it’s preferred strains of bacteria.

Fecal transplants are unnecessary and dangerous. Not only do you get someone’s beneficial bugs you get their less favorable ones too.

MY EXPERIENCE: I am a year into following a very diligent (with a bowl of berries over the holidays and a couple of minor slips) bioindividualized nutrition and lifestyle program, and my probies are still not balanced! When my nails are all clear of yeast and my mood is stable in any setting, I know  my beneficial probies have happily implanted. 😄

I’m using physical means to reawaken my spirit and using my spirit to propel this physical shell. 😉💞
#truthaboutprobiotics #lactobacillus #bifidobacterium #PatriciaWisdom #intestinalhealth #intestinalhealing #biologyfuelingspirituality


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