Low Stomach Acid, Stress and a High Glycemic Diet are Wreaking Havoc on our Health, our Healthcare and our Families.

While everyone may have different symptoms, they are just that – symptoms – and there is a cause. In my experience, symptoms are accepted as the cause so make sure to find someone who understands the what and why in relation to your family and personal history and who can navigate environmental, nutritional, biochemical, physiological and emotional factors. From this perspective, the physical symptoms of all diseases can be understood. The body works holistically.

Better yet – empower yourself! It is so difficult to find correct information on the internet. I suggest finding someone who has healed from what you seek to treat or a healthcare professional with a proven track record and references. Doctors have a lot on their plates these days. Despite stressful lives for many of them, you can find ones that, although they may not have the answers, they are open minded and will work with you.

Your insurance company may not cover the healthcare visits and I know the vitamins, minerals and clean food can be expensive, but think of it as an investment in yourself and your future. Is spending more now on clean food, cleaning up your environment, and making lifestyle changes worth preventing cancer? Is it worth preventing diabetes 10 years down the road? What about preventing rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis so you can play with your grandchildren?

Find out:

  • What is causing your adrenal fatigue? (HINT: look below)
  • What is causing your thyroid not to function properly? (My mentor says it is your adrenals.)
  • What is causing your yeast overgrowth? (HINT: sufficient HCL kills yeasts, parasites, bacteria etc. According to Guilia Ender’s book Gut, acidophilus strains, which are essential for a healthy Small Intestine, favor an acidic environment. Are you feeding pathogenic bacteria with a high glycemic diet?)
  • What is causing your acid reflux? (According to Dr. Jonathan Wright MD, 90% of people have too little stomach acid. Why Stomach Acid is Good for You is an essential read for ensuring you are not starving regardless of the quantity or quality of food you are eating.) THINK TWICE ABOUT TAKING ACID BLOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What is causing your skin agitations?
  • What is causing your allergies and asthma? Why is your immune system overburdened and not tolerating grass or pollen?
  • What is causing your hormone imbalance?
  • Why are you not treating yourself kindly? What if you did?
  • Why are you wrapped up in your story and drama? What if you weren’t?
  • Why do you not feel good enough just as you are? What if you did?
  • The list goes on.

When I asked about what causes ME/CFS I was told that all diseases are just symptoms and the causes of mine are ubiquitous.


  1. Low stomach hydrochloric acid (HCL) – This results in cellular nutrient starvation, the proliferation of yeasts, fungus, and bacteria; and it removes the “acid trigger” for the entire digestive process. The HCL system is not a negative feedback loop so taking HCL + pepsin DOES NOT tell the body to stop producing its own.

    Why Stomach Acid
  2. Chronic mental and physical stress – There are volumes written on the detriment of chronic stress, irrespective of the source: trauma, death, illness, pesticides, noise, overworking, hard exercise, lack of sleep, food additives, mold, nutrient deficient food, drugs, negative thoughts etc. I would like to mention stress further impedes HCL production because very simply when we are stressed the body is preparing for “fight or flight” which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, not “rest and digest” which is controlled by the parasympathetic nervous system. This system is very ancient and developed only to be used for short periods – like running from a saber tooth tiger!

The Deepest Well is to be released in 2018. Though I have not read this book, I can tell you from personal experience that early childhood traumas combined with a relentless drive to fulfill an ego identity bound by external achievement reprogrammed my nervous system, my diaphragm, my neural pathways, my endocrine system, my entire physical and non-physical being to be in a constant state of alert and unease. Seems reasonable this would lead to exhaustion and other symptoms.😉

I believe trauma and chronic stress, especially at a young age, primes the body to be become addicted to stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline and chemicals that produce histamine. Feelings of not being good enough, never being satisfied, feeling you have something to prove or expectations to live up to; an identity based on external factors such as achievements, labels and accolades all add to the stress and inability to appreciate and be at peace in the present moment.

  1. High glycemic diet – This not only includes sugar, artificial sweeteners, and natural sweeteners but it also includes white potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, grains and simple carbohydrates and the sweet taste in general. You may be told that the brain needs glucose. Glucose is absolutely essential for every cell in your body but it is a non-essential part of your diet. The body will make what it needs via gluso avoid the nasty side effects of the wickedly addictive sugar drug!

Withdrawals from sugar and high glycemic foods at first can be brutal, especially if you have yeasts hijacking your brain too, but eventually your taste buds will change so you no longer crave it. As long as your cells have the nutrients they need, you will be resistant to stress and, if you do get stressed, you will crave meat and veggies. It may take a year or two but you will get there.

There is ample evidence – and I’m sure personal experience – as to how stress perpetuates the high glycemic addiction which contributes to depression, anxiety, skin issues, lowering the immune system, tooth decay, diabetes and on and on – and on!


Regarding dairy and grains I have been taught that raw, organic goat and sheep products are not dairy and may be reintroduced, if tolerated, into one’s diet after sufficient healing has occurred. Both grains and dairy, even clean sources, tend to create many health problems for people. Whatever your stance on grains and dairy they are non-essential. When in doubt avoid foods that run the risk of creating issues and favor those that are more nutritious.

I would like to thank friends, acquaintances and allopathic doctors who have encouraged me to continue writing about this aspect of my journey. I welcome contributions made with the intention to promote the highest good for all.


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