“Be Where You Are.” Lessons from My Healing Journey Including Acceptance, Self-Love, and Committing to the Moment.

I will eventually return to the causes of my symptoms as they are ubiquitous and, therefore, have the potential to help others navigate the causes of their own symptoms. Writing about my experience is also a way for me to solidify what I am learning. As I mention in the video below, I teach that which I most need to know or have needed to know.

For now, I am letting myself be where I am.  There is so much whirling around and within me. I am working my way to the center as if navigating a hurricane. Some moments I feel strong and grounded like a mountain planted in the eye of the hurricane and other times I am a dry, light leaf twisting in the breeze. It is part of the process and I am allowing myself to be where I am. This acceptance alone allows me to settle into a calmer, more grounded state. Not unlike the feature image above where I am grounded to sandstone while the wind whips around me.

There is so much opening up to me and I am still finding a way to synthesize all of the information into a cohesive blog. At the moment, this is still largely for my own therapy. Many disparate parts of myself are making their way into this blog, just like the elements ebbing and flowing and bobbing and weaving their way through this galaxy. Within me is fire, which fuels the passionate side of myself but also the aspect that can get riled up and emotional. Water cools this fire and connects me with Spirit. Water is the element most associated with my spiritual journey. Like the Tao, if I fight the mighty river of life, I will surely fatigue and be taken under. Whereas, if I allow life to flow and trust the current, I will relax and breathe more easily. Wind is my biggest test to stay grounded and centered. It is so easy for me to scatter my attention and interests. On the upside, wind never allows my thoughts and my imagination to become stagnant.

Please feel free to share your experience with the lessons of acceptance, self-love and committing to the moment.

May the following video illuminate some aspect of your life.

Sincerely, Sara


One thought on ““Be Where You Are.” Lessons from My Healing Journey Including Acceptance, Self-Love, and Committing to the Moment.

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  1. Just such shared suffering and joy..what WE all need especially now. Can be viewed as a meditation or a one time inspiration to motivate our selves to get out of our way and let us be. Just the ticket to a deep breath. Danke Sara. Jay


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