Empowered to Figure This Sh*t Out! Temple of the Tummy.

There are NO Diseases – Just Symptoms.

I greatly respect Bill Henderson, who has since transitioned, and his approach to assisting hundreds of people by empowering their bodies to regain control over cancer cells. To paraphrase he said we should demystify diseases and call them what they really are. For instance, calling cancer Sluggish Immune System Disorder. Overcoming that doesn’t sound so daunting, right? In an interview with Ty Bollinger, he said:

 I think cancer is simply a symptom of an imbalance. It is sort of like diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis. It is a chronic, degenerative condition in our body caused by an imbalance. And, that imbalance, once you understand that that is what it is, you realize that this is not random, something randomly that happened to you. It has happened for a reason. Something has gone wrong in your body that has caused this cancer tumor to appear, or in whatever other form. And, once you correct that reason, the cause of the imbalance, it goes away. The body is very capable of shrinking cancer tumors.

With the correct information about how the body works, a strong spiritual practice rooted in faith, and a shit ton of discipline, I know our bodies can do more than kill cancer cells. Hell yeah! Let’s get this healing party started!



  1. LOW STOMACH ACID. In my very first session with The Wizard, I was instructed to read Why Stomach Acid is Good for You by Jonathan Wright MD and Lane Lenard PhD. A bit egotistically I thought, of course stomach acid is good for me. I had no idea. I also didn’t know that the acid reflux I was experiencing was from too little stomach acid.

Have you heard the expression “it’s not ‘you are what you eat,’ but you are what you absorb?” If you do not have enough Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) and Pepsin in your stomach, you cannot break down your food properly. You also loose the “acid trigger” for the rest of a complicated cascade in the digestive process.

I highly recommend reading this book, especially anyone over the age of 45 or who is experiencing symptoms of any kind.

In chapter two titled Why Stomach Acid Is Your Friend, they highlight:

  • Acid promotes the digestion and absorption of many vital nutrients.
  • Acid helps digest protein by stimulating pepsin production.
  • Stomach acid prevents bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

One nutrient can be responsible for thousands of reactions in the body. Therefore, it makes sense that a plethora of symptoms can arise when we are deficient in one or more nutrients. This book may require a little updating but it is an excellent place to begin learning about this cornerstone to health.

Avoid being one of the millions starving in the land of plenty!

Stay tuned for future posts on the remaining causes. In the meantime, get familiar with the temple that is your tummy. 🙂

Thank you for reading!



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