Behind the Scenes: Breathe M*therF*cker! A Tribute to Wim Hof and the Patience Required to Heal.

Albeit overdone by a deleterious caffeine intake and an overeager ego, I had a string of a few good days.


The collage of images above represents the following:

  • February 3rd, I miraculously had enough energy to go skiing. I actually wanted to go!
  • February 10th, I had a book signing. (You are invited to check it out. and
  • Two days later I wanted to keep the semblance of a normal life and met some friends at the climbing gym. Silly Sara. You knew better.
  • That lead to the third image.

I had just taken a nap and sipped some tea. I was attempting to muster the energy to work on illustrations for the second book in my children’s series. The deadline I imposed was in three days. At times, I just get so tired and foggy that if I don’t light a fire under my ass and scorch it a little bit I won’t do anything. In this instance, I am choosing to scorch my ass – just a little – in exchange for making a creation which, ultimately, brings me happiness.

I stood up from the couch and was hit with the once all too familiar feeling of energy completely leaving my body. I just wanted to crumple onto the ground. Instead, I took a step and laid out on the ottoman. I wanted to cry. Would this cycle ever stop? Then I thought about Wim Hof and the T-shirt I saw on his website:

Instead of crying woe is me, I breathed like a M*therF*cker. I assumed that by following the instructions on his inner fire app I was doing just that. I thought about monks who set themselves on fire in protest to the Vietnam war. I thought about finding a way to transcend this experience. I visualized ridding my body of dysbiosis. Finally, I ACCEPTED my situation and breathed like a M*therF*cker. After about 20 minutes, I collected myself and walked upstairs to work on my illustrations. Shortly thereafter, I found some contentment within my exhausted, sweats clad, and unwashed form.

The last image is me two days later, in the same sweats and in need of some grooming, smiling happily as I do some illustrations. Yeah, kicking exhaustion’s ass with some breathing, acceptance and art!



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