Exposed and Vulnerable Part 1. Let’s Heal This Sh*t!

mirror-back-acneMany people said “you don’t look sick.” Some said it incredulously (insert your be-the- bigger-person preferred quote here. I choose the Dalai Lama’s ‘look at your enemies as the perfect opportunity to practice patience.’) and others said it as what may have been an awkward attempt at encouragement. Perhaps, sports, panchakarma, genetics, organic eating, non-toxic products, an air and water purifier, meditation, life coaching, a loving family etc.etc. etc. had done some good. Problem was I couldn’t eat anything without an adverse reaction, my cells were starving, my little mitochondria were gimping along without what seemed to be the slightest clue as to how to produce ATP (energy), my body wasn’t efficiently utilizing oxygen, and it was a big time bummer!

Since I was 13 years old, I was pretty much told nothing is wrong or it’s all in your head… I am swallowing my big-ass indignation pill and erasing a few choice words.  Instead of sharing those choice words, I choose to call upon a greater power to provide me with perspective, peace and love and to share my journey in the hopes it will help others. Let’s heal this sh*t!

March 2016
Toe Nails March 2016
Toe Nails August 2016


(They are not intended to elicit sympathy but to demonstrate we can heal and prevent all sorts of symptoms. Your encouragement helps me stay brave but what I would love even more is for you to have health and joy and to help spread the knowledge to heal and to prevent!)


2 thoughts on “Exposed and Vulnerable Part 1. Let’s Heal This Sh*t!

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  1. Oh my. I have a friend who found colon cancer. Another with Gastoparisis. They kept searching and it took a full year to find a diagnosis. Stick to your guns. Miss your cute face.

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