How Do I Deal With “Failure,” Sabotaging Myself? After Being So Empowered and Disciplined, I Broke Healing Protocol.

I was enjoying being filled with pride, an elusive feeling for many years, in how disciplined I had been regarding my diet. It had been over a month of selecting a clean, humanely raised protein and an organic green for the day and then mixing in some peppers, tomatoes and maybe some patty pan, zucchini... Continue Reading →


“Stage 3”: Get Nutrients to Starving Cells! Per Requests, My Daily Nutritional Protocol.

Please consult a healthcare professional versed in individual biochemistry (each body had unique needs, allergies, lifestyles, medical and food histories, genes etc.), physiology, and nutritional healing. This blog is in no way intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.¬† This blog does intended to expand our awareness as to what is possible when it... Continue Reading →

What Our Nails Can Say About Our Microbiota and Microbiome, a Cheap Test for Dysbiosis & a Warning to Athletes!

Supplemental Information: Causes: Antibiotics Low or absent stomach acid. The hydrochloric acid (HLC) in your stomach kills pathogens that are ingested. It is essential for breaking down food and triggering the rest of the digestive process. Beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus in the small intestine prefer an acidic environment; without this fungus and bacteria like yeast... Continue Reading →

“Stage 2”: The Potentially Recurring Healing Crisis: Herxheimer Reaction, Detoxification, Die Off…Worse Before It Gets Better. Ugh!

It's serendipitous that I am writing this post as I am currently experiencing the herx close to a year after my first introduction to a planned Herxheimer Reaction. I mention the year not because time is relevant or even exists, but, because, for those of you healing, herxing, which can be considered part of detoxifying,... Continue Reading →

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